Today Gold Rate in Kuwait 21k, 22k & 24k Gold Rates

Today, the Gold rate in Kuwait on 31 March 2024 is KWD 257.700 per tola for 24 karats of the precious metal, while the Price per Gram is KWD 22.0940 in the local bullion market. This is the latest Gold Rate in Kuwait for 24 karat as per different sources at the local bullion market.

Moreover, the specific information about the Gold price in Kuwait is outlined below. This encompasses the cost of the precious metal in both 24K and 22K variations, measured per gram, tola, and ounce.

Gold Rate in Kuwait

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Today the single tola of 24 Karat gold price is KWD 249.80 and there is only a slight variation of a few hundred rupees across cities. These rates change at least twice daily and the post is updated periodically.

Similarly, the Price of 22 karat Gold precious metal is KWD 229.32 per tola, while the per gram price is KWD 19.67 as per the bullion market.

Other Karats Gold Rate in Kuwait

The below table displays the prices of 6K, 10K, 14K, and 18K gold per gram and tola.

Gold Purity1 GRAM1 TOLA
GRAM 6KKWD 5.35KWD 62.45
GRAM 10KKWD 8.93KWD 104.17
GRAM 14KKWD 12.53KWD 146.13
GRAM 18KKWD 16.06KWD 187.35

Last 10 Days Gold Rate in Kuwait

The below table shows the last 10 days’ per-gram gold rates.

Date22K Gold24K Gold
25 March 2024KWD 19.66KWD 21.42
24 March 2024KWD 19.67KWD 21.42
23 March 2024KWD 19.67KWD 21.42
22 March 2024KWD 20.02KWD 21.81
21 March 2024KWD 20.02KWD 21.81
20 March 2024KWD 19.60KWD 21.35
19 March 2024KWD 19.61KWD 21.36
18 March 2024KWD 19.54KWD 21.28
17 March 2024KWD 19.57KWD 21.31
16 March 2024KWD 19.57KWD 21.31
15 March 2024KWD 19.63KWD 21.38
14 March 2024KWD 19.74KWD 21.50


All these Gold prices in Kuwait are updated daily through the Official Kuwait Government website and Sometimes by local jewelers in Kuwait. As you know the price of gold changes continuously worldwide. So the price is not fixed. Here we have shared daily new gold prices.

If you buy and sell gold, you can contact your local jeweler in Kuwait. These gold prices only have knowledge purposes not for trading purposes. Bookmark our website for daily updates of new gold rates.

If you have any suggestions or business queries, you can contact me through the Contact Us page.


What is the retail market price of Gold in Kuwait today?

Today, the 24-karat gold price in Kuwait is KWD 233.98 per tola, and the 22-karat gold price in Kuwait is KWD 214.80.

What was the price of Gold in Kuwait yesterday?

Yesterday gold rate in Kuwait was KWD 233.65 per tola of 24 karats, 22 karat gold rate in Kuwait Yesterday per tola is KWD 214.49, 18 karat gold rate in Kuwait Yesterday is KWD 175.43, and 14 karat gold rate in Kuwait per tola is KWD 136.84.

What were the highest and lowest 22 Karat Gold rates in Kuwait in the last 3 months?

Do you know, that the 22-karat gold rate in Kuwait in the last 3 months per gram is KWD 18.76, while the highest 22-karat market Gold rate in Kuwait per gram sold in 2023 is 20.50?

How does the gold rate in Kuwait compare to other countries?

It’s difficult to make a direct comparison of the gold rate in Kuwait to that of other countries as the price of gold can vary depending on several factors such as supply, market demand, inflation, currency exchange rates, local taxes, and others.

What factors influence the gold rate in Kuwait?

There can be many reasons for the change in gold prices in Kuwait such as the international market, supply, and demand, inflation, currency exchange rates, local taxes, and duties based on these factors affect the gold prices in Kuwait.

How do international events affect the gold rate in Kuwait?

International events can affect gold rates in Kuwait in several ways. Certain events, such as geopolitical tensions, economic uncertainty, and natural disasters, can cause investors to seek safe-haven assets such as gold, which increases demand for it and therefore its value. The price increases.

How is gold traded in Kuwait?

Gold is traded in Kuwait through various channels, including Physical Gold, Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), Futures Contracts, and Over-the-Counter (OTC) Markets.

What is the average price of gold in Kuwait?

The average price of gold in Kuwait varies depending on various factors such as global supply and demand, economic and political conditions, and currency exchange rates. In 2023 the average price of gold rate in Kuwait was 203.98 for 10 grams and KWD 237.94 for one tola.

What is the history of gold trading in Kuwait?

Gold trading has a long history in Kuwait, with evidence of gold mining and trade in the region dating back thousands of years. Throughout history, gold has been used as a store of value and a medium of exchange.

Are there any government regulations affecting the gold market in Kuwait?

Yes, there are government regulations that affect the gold market in Kuwait. These regulations are put in place to ensure the stability and integrity of the market, protect consumers, and prevent money laundering and other illegal activities.